For Parents


School begins at 8:00 AM. 

School ends at 2:45 PM. 



Phones are answered between 8 AM and 4 PM, however at times of high activity within the school and beyond these hours, you are encouraged to leave a voicemail on the automated system.  Every effort will be made to return your call as soon as possible.



There is no supervision of students outside of school hours.  Students are not to be dropped off prior to 8:00 AM, and must be picked up at 2:45 PM unless travelling by bus, or enrolled in our after-school Latch key program.  The only exception to this is when late buses have been scheduled for any activities after school.



It is important for students to understand the need to be punctual.  School begins at 8:05 AM.  Any student arriving after this time must get a Late Slip from the office prior to entering the class.  Lateness is recorded on the     report cards.



Parents must report all student absences to the school, giving a reason for absence before 9 AM.  Efforts will be made to contact families starting at  10 AM for any unreported absences, and referrals to outside organizations will be made for on-going concerns.



There is to be NO PARKING in the designated school bus drop-off zones between  7:30AM – 9:00AM and 2:15PM – 4:15PM.  All students being dropped off must enter through the main doors.


In the event of any changes to the established school schedule due to a community event or emergency situation in our schools, AMBE will announce school emergency closures on CKON 97.3, post on School Messenger, AMBE Website and Facebook page and through MCA Communications.

Parents and schools need to work together for the betterment of the students. Parents play an important role in providing support and building the confidence of their children. Parents should check some of the tips or activities they can use to develop their children’s confidence and improve their school experience.